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Protect the environment with renewable energy

In order to protect the environment, we offer you aerothermal solutions for your Domestic Hot Water production.

Wind, sun, air, biomass, geothermal, etc. are renewable energy sources. The low impact of renewable energy systems on the environment makes them key solutions to the critical issue of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, two reasons make consumers choose these solutions for both their environmental and economic performances or benefits:

•    Fluctuations of fossil fuel prices (oil, gas, coal, etc.).
•    Government grants allocated in many countries for these new energies.

In order to serve these objectives, Thermor offers its customers exclusive heat pump water heaters.


Heat pump water heating solutions

In heat pump water heating systems the DHW is heated by an integrated heat pump. It is a thermodynamic machine that absorbs heat from the ambient or outdoor air to transfer it to a water tank in order to heat up water.
A heat pump only consumes the electrical power required to operate the compressor, the ventilator and a few other components. This low electrical power will be used to produce around 3 times its value of thermal power to generate your DHW.

In addition, compared to boilers using fuel, gas, coal, etc. heat pump water heaters also reduce drastically CO2 emissions.


Why should you select aerothermal energy?

•    You don’t have a sufficient surface available on the roof for a solar collector installation.
•    It uses a renewable and clean energy without impact on the environment.
•    It uses a zero-cost energy source so it has a very economical use.
•    It uses an inexhaustible energy source, the air, unlike fossil fuels.
•    It is easily usable to produce hot water in both summer and winter. If necessary, extra heating from another energy source (electricity, gas or fuel, etc.) can be activated.

Feel free to consult Thermor heat pump water heating range.

We hope this synthetic introduction will help you identify the Thermor eco-friendly DHW production system best matching your needs.