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Maintain your water heater in only 3 steps

Increasing your water heater's service life and, providing energy savings.

Steatite technology: a better protection of your water heater

Discover Thermor's unique Steatite technology, providing the best protection and efficiency to your water heater.

Choose your water heater with our decision-support guide

In order to select the best water heater for your particular needs, we have designed this practical decision-support guide.

Protect the environment with renewable energy

In order to protect the environment, we offer you aerothermal solutions for your Domestic Hot Water production.

Choose your room heater with our decision-support guide

What is the difference between convectors, extensive heat panels and radiators?

Smart water heaters adapting to your life rhythm

Enter a new era of comfort, ease of use and energy efficiency with our new smarter water heaters!

Choose your bathroom heater with our decision-support guide

A quick overview on ErP for water heating products

Our unique French know-how guarantees first-rate appliances and compliance with international regulations.

What are the different technologies available for bathroom radiators

Thermor has been developing a wide range of superior heating systems for over 80 years.

All about Thermor's 3CS technology for bathroom heaters

Discover all about Thermor's 3CS technology for bathroom heaters.

Patented ACI hybrid system: the utmost tank protection

Thermor's patented ACI hybrid system is fully part of your comfort and savings.

All about O’Pro technology!

Anti-corrosive protection and extended tank life with O’Pro technology.

Know everything about the different controls and thermostats for heaters

We offer our customers the best technologies and a wide range of appliances to choose from.

High-density insulation: a direct path to energy savings and well-being!

Insulation is one of three key elements of the water heater tank protection.

Different types of installation for an electric convector

Thermor brings you very innovative and efficient electric thermal comfort solutions.