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At Thermor we: 

•    Unanimously agree that heat is essential for everyone’s well-being. We can claim that “heat is life” is our motto.
•    Can say that we are fully dedicated in what we do and put countless efforts to make high-quality products that serve people well.
•    Also offer products with a well-kept design (numerous colours, and materials) and useful functionalities (programming functions, music, etc.).



We can claim that:

•    Thermor is an authentic historical heating specialist with a rich and long history.
•    Thanks to collective efforts and dedication of our collaborators, we have made many remarkable achievements throughout our history.
•    Thermor is completely transparent regarding its products' characteristics and wants to develop trusting relationships with its customers.


French expertise

As a brand we:

•    Are recognised as an expert and pioneer in thermal comfort.
•    Have 90 years of experience.
•    Are a multiproduct specialist with wide ranges of equipment.


Quality and innovation

We are committed to:

•    Design and manufacture premium heatings appliances.
•    Include the most recent technological developments in our products.
•    Increase the share of eco-friendly and renewable energy in our solutions.



We always:

•    Listen closely and take very seriously into consideration the users’ needs, suggestions and wishes.
•    Provide customers with every possible help in choosing, installing and maintaining their products.
•    Remain close to customers and build warm, solid and trusting relationships.