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Steatite technology: a better protection of your water heater

Discover Thermor's unique Steatite technology, providing the best protection and efficiency to your water heater. 

In order to maintain solid and lasting relationships with our customers is to provide them with high-quality appliances and services. To that end, Thermor has developed the outstanding Steatite technology for its water heaters.


The classic copper heating element vs Thermor's Steatite heating element.

Copper heating element

The classic and well-known copper heating element. Unfortunately, it is not always as efficient as it can be when your water is aggressive (desalinated or with very few dissolved minerals) or hard (highly-mineralised). The same applies in case of inadequate or insufficient maintenance.

Steatite heating element

Thermor's Steatite heating element. It is far more efficient, reliable and user-friendly (with low maintenance). Based on our Steatite technology, this heating element is perfect for all types of waters. It offers an optimum efficiency and guarantees energy savings.


Benefits of Steatite technology. 


•    Fully adapted to aggressive or hard waters.

Water is a chemical agent charged with positive and negative ions. When the number of ions is balanced, the water charge is neutral. A balanced water naturally protects the appliance. However, depending on your region, the water supplied isn’t always balanced. Aggressive water causes corrosion whereas hard water generates a lot of limescale deposits. Both are detrimental to the performances and service life of your water heater.


•    Ceramic dry heating element: no direct contact with water.

The Steatite heating element is protected by an enamelled steel sleeve. It comes with a large heat exchange surface, which reduces heating noise.


•    Easy maintenance: no need to drain the tank.

Since the Steatite heating element is inside an enamelled steel sleeve, you don’t need to worry about draining the water from the tank in case of replacement of your heating element.


•    Robust and efficient.

Thanks to its characteristics, the Steatite heating element is far more efficient to heat water quicker than the classic copper heating element. Being protected by an enamelled steel sleeve, reliable and long-lasting. In addition, since there is a low charge per m² on the exchange surface, the Steatite heating element offers a reduced limescale formation.


•    Low-energy consuming.

The large heating surface of this heating element type allows longer heat storage and no overheating. This leads to better energy savings.