Thermor international, electic heating and domestic hot water sectors Welcome to Thermor International website

Thermor currently provides very competitive first-rate solutions in:
•    Water heating.
•    Air heating.

Our state-of-the-art and eco-friendly appliances are designed to fulfill the highest requirements for:
•    Individual homes.
•    Collective housing.
•    Offices.
•    Shops.
•    Schools.
•    Airports.
•    Hospitals.
•    All other types of commercial buildings.


Our brand has a leading position not only in France, but also in several European and Asian countries. Today, Thermor products are commercialised in more than 50 countries on every continent.

Moreover, since Thermor is a Groupe Atlantic Brand, we are part of a major worldwide organization in thermal comfort with:
•    9400 employees worldwide
•    €2.2 bn in turnover
•    28 industrial sites
•    Commercial presence on 4 continents
•    4% of turnover allocated to Research & Development

There is a strong synergy between the different brands and entities of our Groupe. Everyone, starting with our customers, benefits from this outstanding French know-how and quality acquired over the course of our long and successful history.


The two main forces of Thermor: expertise in engineering and people motivation

An unmatched expertise, tested successfully for decades on many different markets, is only one of the two main forces of our brand.
The second one is our people’s dedication and desire to make a difference to create ergonomic, reliable, cost-efficient and modern products with a touch of innovation.

French management and engineering
As everyone knows, Thermor is a French expert brand, meaning French management and engineering. We make products with a design based on a French lifestyle.
It is important for us, just as it is the case also for our customers, to be recognised for what we truly are: a “French brand”. Indeed, Thermor speaks for itself all over the world!

Our mission : “Always better serving customers to provide everyone with the finest thermal comfort.”