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Choose your bathroom heater with our decision-support guide

For more than 80 years, Thermor has established a unique French know-how, in all kinds of thermal comfort solutions, which is acknowledged by everyone.


Fully part of the decoration, the radiator and towel dryer have conquered the bathroom. The need to combine efficiency and design is a long-standing tendency. It is therefore important not to choose lightly your future bathroom radiator.


The following provides an overview of the core selection criteria that will help you identify the best appliance to fulfill your requirements and tastes.

In a bathroom, the radiator and towel dryer have become an essential element of comfort and style. From this point of view, currently there is a plethoric offer, so it is not always easy for customers to find their way around.

Selecting the right appliance implies to address several questions that are detailed here under.


Choose the heating technology

The first question to ask yourself relates to the heating mode. The selected radiator must comply with the existing installation:

  • Electric radiator for electric heating.
  • Hot water radiator for central heating (boiler).
  • Heat pump for renewable energy heating.
  • Dual system allowing the functioning of your radiator and towel dryer with your central heating system in winter, while providing the possibility to use the electric back-up heater during summer or mid-season (hot water circuit switched off).


Assess the sizing

The second question is the sizing of your Thermor bathroom heater. It depends on the heating power output needed. In general, the rule of 100W/m² is applied.

Of course, this parameter is also dependent on the appliance desired size. The more powerful an appliance is, the longer and larger it is. This bigger surface allows to dry more towels at the same time.

Lastly, you should take into account the space requirement and space available in the bathroom to install the appliance properly.


Estimate the heating power output requirements


You can see below the advised values of power output in watts for your bathroom heater based on the surface to be heated in square meters:


Surface area / m²









Power / W










Decide on the required level of comfort


Here is another important question to address: will my radiator and towel dryer able to heat the room while drying and warming the towels at the same time, or do I need a dedicated appliance for drying towels?

Indeed, a classic towel dryer, once covered with towels, does not necessarily ensure the proper heating of the bathroom.

Luckily, Thermor’s 3CS technology (triple Comfort System) meets these three objectives:

  • The towel dryer is fitted with a fan that ensures a fast heating of the room during the shower.
  • The heating element, electronically controlled, maintains an optimal temperature at all times.
  • The heater remains fully efficient, even when the towel dryer is entirely covered with towels.


Move from comfort to savings

However, the concept of comfort is not limited to these aspects. If a bathroom radiator is able to:

  • Heat the room.
  • Dry and warm the towels at the same time.
  • Adapt its functioning to the various periods of use.

Then, it is even greater! Thermor's programming systems are made to reach this ideal thermal comfort by:

  • Allowing to easily switch between Eco and Comfort modes.
  • Setting the shower cycle function which enables to adjust the appliance functioning during the bathroom use for an optimum comfort and better savings.
  • Achieving results that speak for themselves:
    • The users can enter a warm bathroom.
    • The users can dry their body with warm towels and dry them up quickly afterwards.
    • The appliance is offering energy savings on top of that.


electric connexions


Select the design


And last, but not least, the dimension to consider is the design. There is a wide range of parameters to match everyone's taste:

  • Heater types (fixed, swiveling, etc.).
  • Sizes.
  • Materials.
  • Tube shapes, etc.

The same applies when it comes to colours. The classic white and trendy chrome finish are available along with a wide variety of hues, from the brightest to the softest. This will help you select an equipment matching perfectly your bathroom.


As you could see, there are several parameters to take into account in order to make the right choice. Knowing these facts, you have no difficulty whatsoever to pick the bathroom heater and towel dryer perfectly adapted to your wishes!


Here, you can learn more about Thermor's bathroom heaters.