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Different types of installation for an electric convector

Thermor brings you very innovative and efficient electric thermal comfort solutions.

 Thermor is your expert, since 1931, for all heating-related systems. Its unquestionable French know-how brings you very innovative and efficient electric thermal comfort solutions.

For our customers using only electric heaters as an additional heat source, for short periods and in different places, we offer mobile heaters with wheels/feet. A handle allows easy and safe transport from one room to the other.

In order to meet all our customers' interior requirements, we have designed a wide range of active heat convectors. They can be used with a standing kit, allowing their mobile installation and functioning.

There are two possible types of installation for an electric convector:

  • Fixed (on the wall)
  • Mobile (on wheels/feet with a standing kit)

All Thermor's heating panels are fitted for a fixed wall installation. Some of them, however, are also compatible with a standing kit which allows a mobile installation on the floor.

Thanks to our standing kits, you can move easily your convector from one place to another, according to your wishes. Plug it up, wherever you are, in any power outlet available, that is the guarantee of a constant comfort. Mobile electric convectors are perfect for a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, as well as for an office or even a store.

To offer additional security and a total peace of mind, an anti-tilt system has been added to these models to stop the heater if it falls over.

For your convenience and a fast handling, the wheels/feet are easy to assemble and dismount if needed.

Therefore, the choice is yours! Wall mounted and fixed or standing on wheels/feet and mobile, there will always be one of our electric convectors for you... 

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