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All about Thermor's 3CS technology for bathroom heaters

Discover all about Thermor's 3CS technology for bathroom heaters. 

Since 1931, Thermor has been your expert in thermal comfort. Being a reputed French brand, gifted with an outstanding know-how, we constantly deliver state-of-the-art heating solutions.


In the last few years, the bathroom area has been experiencing significant changes. From a purely functional room dedicated to hygiene, it gradually changed into a genuine living area characterized by the need for:

  • Wellbeing
  • Intimacy
  • Comfort
  • User-friendliness
  • Style and elegance

In its history, Thermor has consistently met those expectations! We have been proactive and fully supported this transformation in the bathroom. By developing various ranges of modern bathroom radiators, Thermor matches its new customers’ wishes for an increased comfort and lower heating energy costs.

With a unique technology called the Triple Comfort System (3CS), Thermor bathroom heaters ensure an ideal comfort temperature.

Unlike even covered with towels, unlike traditional towel dryers found on the market today.


The main benefits of Thermor's 3CS technology:

  • No need anymore to choose between drying your towels and heating your bathroom! For the same power output, a Thermor bathroom radiator provides more heat than a conventional towel dryer. Even covered with towels, it will heat the whole bathroom perfectly.
  • Undressing or getting dressed without shivering is a big advantage. To give the room the right temperature in minutes, that is the fan’s mission. Thanks to the easily removable and cleanable dust filter, the room air stays always healthy.
  • With the "Shower" function, the bathroom heater takes care of everything:

                                 - Fast heating of the bathroom with the fan.

                                 - Warming towels while showering.

                                 - Drying towels after use.

  • Full comfort combined with energy savings. With its programmed daily functions, the appliance switches on automatically each day at a set time, 45min before the time chosen by the user, for 2 hours.
  • You can also choose to heat and dry towels without heating the room. This is especially useful in spring or summer and limits your electricity consumption.

With Thermor's 3CS technology you can enjoy, without compromise, a perfect comfort when in the bathroom and comprehensive energy savings the rest of the day!

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