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Patented ACI hybrid system: the utmost tank protection

Thermor's patented ACI hybrid system is fully part of your comfort and savings.

Over the years we have developed numerous patented technologies to remain at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, we can offer our customers the best possible appliances.

The patented ACI hybrid system (Anti-Corrosion Integrated system) is one of them. This technology is simply the ultimate generation of electronic anti-corrosion tank protection for your DHW (Domestic Hot Water) production equipment.

It is fitted with a state-of-the-art titanium/magnesium anode system. Located at the center of the appliance, the titanium anode is driven by an electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that produces a milivoltage electric current. It provides the tank with an extended lifetime protection, replacing the magnesium anode.


There are three major reasons to purchase one of our water heaters equipped with ACI hybrid:

  • You don't need to worry about your water quality.

Whether you use aggressive, balanced or hard water, ACI hybrid adjusts automatically its functioning to it! Thanks to its electronic controls, the ACI hybrid system interacts with its environment and anticipates the variations in water quality.

  • Your water heater can last up to 2 times longer and has low maintenance!

The ACI hybrid system guarantees your DHW production appliance an extended lifetime of carefree use.

  • You will find it quite user-friendly

This exclusive technology comes with a practical control light which indicates that it is operational.


For all these reasons, Thermor's patented ACI hybrid system is fully part of your comfort and savings regarding DHW production.


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