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Smart water heaters adapting to your life rhythm

Enter a new era of comfort, ease of use and energy efficiency with our new smarter water heaters!

Thermor is a French brand with over 80 years of experience and know-how in water heating systems. We always strive to deliver our customers cutting-edge technologies.

When you focus on reducing your DHW (Domestic Hot Water) bill, you want to make the best use of your water heater. For example, it should not be operating at full capacity and waste energy while it is not needed.

You can achieve this objective thanks to our innovative DHW technologies and solutions. Without ever compromising on your level of comfort or energy consumption, Thermor provides the means to do so.

Eco + mode

Eco + is a state-of-the-art technology developed and used by Thermor in several of its air and water heating solutions.

It achieves two objectives:

  • To maximize your well-being regarding DHW needs
  • To achieve significant energy and cost savings during DHW production

How does this Eco + mode work?

  • It learns from your DHW usage habits by analyzing your consumption patterns.
  • It memorises them and any changes over time.
  • It adjusts the water heater DHW production accordingly.

Doing so, you can expect up to 10% energy savings without having to bear any cold shower!


In addition, thanks to Eco +, your water heater is perfectly integrated into your life: it anticipates your DHW needs, provides you every day with incomparable comfort and optimizes your energy savings.

Moreover, Eco + adjusts the water heater temperature automatically, conserving a minimum temperature set point.

Water heaters equipped with this technology also include a Boost function, so you could take a hot shower even if your water heater is in economy mode!


Discover here Thermor’s smart water heater Onix connect equipped with this technology:


drain water from your water heater


Connectivity and remote piloting

Being at the leading edge of technology allows to deliver the most advanced solutions to our customers!

In today's world, the connectivity and remote piloting of home appliances is becoming increasingly important and popular. Consequently, we are proud to present one of our latest innovations: a new range of connected water heaters.

They are directly connected through Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely via our Cozytouch application. It is easily customizable and you can set your preferred language in no time.

With this smart application, you can check energy consumption and even set up your water heater via your smartphone or your tablet when you are not at home. That is a significant advantage, especially for people whose lifestyle entails a lot of moving around!

With Thermor, you can easily forget the bulky and basic water heaters from the past. Enter a new era of comfort, ease of use and energy efficiency with our new smart water heaters!