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What are the different technologies available for bathroom radiators

Thermor has been developing a wide range of superior heating systems for over 80 years.

As an expert French brand, with a unique know-how, we offer our customers numerous options and technologies to choose from. In this manner, Thermor makes sure its appliances can satisfy everybody's requirements!

This short overview presents the different technologies Thermor offers for your bathroom radiators.


Thermor electric bathroom heaters


To ease your understanding, we have listed here under the specificities of electric bathroom heaters. They:

  • Are not linked to central heating systems.
  • Work independently.
  • Are perfectly silent.
  • Do not need any drainage maintenance and therefore have no risk of leaks.
  • Are fitted with an aluminium heat exchanger, located inside the appliance, which ensures a quick and even heat distribution.

Thermor electric bathroom heaters: Symphonik

Bathroom heaters equipped with a fluid technology


Hereafter are indicated the particularities of the appliances having this technology:

  • They contain an anti-frost fluid heated by a resistor.
  • The rise in temperature enables a regular circulation of the fluid.
  • This technology ensures a comfortable heat distribution.
  • They offer a constant and gentle heat, similar to central heating systems.

Thermor bathroom heaters equipped with fluid technology: Riva ChromeRiviera Digital


Combi bathroom heaters


The combi bathroom heaters have the following characteristics:

  • They can be connected to central heating systems.
  • In winter time or when the central heating system is on, they are heated by it.
  • In summer time or when the central heating system is off, they work with a back-up electric element.
  • They offer a steady temperature through the year.
  • They allow an extra heat boost on demand with the electric back-up.

Thermor combi bathroom heatersRiva 4Allure Digital


After this quick introduction, we are confident that you will find, without trouble, the Thermor bathroom heater best adapted to your needs!