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High-density insulation: a direct path to energy savings and well-being!

Insulation is one of three key elements of the water heater tank protection.

Several elements contribute to water heater quality. It may not be obvious at first glance, but insulation is one of three key elements of the water heater tank protection, along with its enamel/welding and anti-corrosion properties.

A good insulation has several major benefits for your water heater:

  • Better functioning and efficiency
  • More hot water available faster and remaining hot longer
  • Extended hassle-free lifetime
  • Higher energy savings 

That is why Thermor develops and manufactures high-density polyurethane insulation foam with flawless quality.

It presents three crucial advantages:

  • Prevents the existence of thermal bridges and helps to maintain water at the set temperature for a longer period of time
  • Increases hot water quantity, reduces heat loss and therefore increase energy savings
  • Is environmentally-friendly thanks to its CFC-free foam (ChloroFluoroCarbon) without any greenhouse effect

Why Thermor water heaters insulation is this good?


First of all, thanks to a high quality of its insulation foam. There are different types of foam that influence insulation quality. The better the quality, the better the outcome!

Then, it is also due to a high density of its foam. High-density allows better stability during lifetime service.

High thickness of an insulation foam is an another reason of Thermor water heater success. Thick insulation foam limits heat loss, increases hot water quantity and energy savings.

Finally, flawless design and laying methods of the foam has an important role. Well-attached foam has no defects that could lead to heat loss, less hot water and energy waste.

You can rest assured that our insulation is adapted to different market segmentations (such as ErP regulations for EU countries, NF for France, ESMA for UAE, etc.).

Feel free to see the energy consumption of each Thermor water heater in its technical data.


It is indicated as “Energy consumption (kWh/24h) at 65°C”ee