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All about O’Pro technology!

Anti-corrosive protection and extended tank life with O’Pro technology.

Thermor is a French brand with over 80 years of experience in water heating systems. As a recognized expert, we constantly strive to meet our customers' needs.

With the development of the exclusive O’Pro technology, Thermor has achieved two critical objectives:

  • To provide your water heater with the best anti-corrosion protection.
  • To ensure an extended lifetime of its tank.


How does it work technically?


O’Pro technology uses an ohmic resistor. This is a passive electronic anti-corrosion device. It balances out the electric potentials of the tank and heating element. Therefore, it permanently fights rust.

All superior water heaters have a sacrificial magnesium anode. It is consumed while protecting the heating element from corrosion.

In a classic water heater, the sacrificial magnesium anode is only focused on protecting the heating element. Its tank lining is left almost unprotected and exposed to corrosion. The adverse effects of this is a faster dissipation of the anode and the need to replace it more often. It is regrettably time-consuming and not cost-efficient.

Fortunately, O’Pro technology balances out the electric potentials of both the tank and the heating element. Consequently, the magnesium anode focuses on protecting the tank lining and the heating element together.

As positive outcomes, you can expect:

  • An anode’s lifetime increased by 50%.
  • A reinforced tank anti-corrosive protection.


O’Pro technology is perfect for balanced waters. It is also recommended for aggressive waters (generating corrosion) and hard ones (generating large scale deposits).

Products fitted with O’Pro technology: Compact HZ, CompactRistretto, ConceptPremiumPremium Combi